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Superbrawl is the most flexible football pool, office pool, and sports pool solution available. Whether you need to run a large mega pool for a website, or a small office pool for your friends, this is your pool solution. If you have custom rules for scoring, we can help you incorporate them. Nobody offers you the level of customization superbrawl does. We even let you custom build your own pool skin if you want!
Some of the Options Available
  • straight pickem
  • against the spread
  • confidence
  • survivor pools
  • loser pools
  • playoffs

Your office pool can be run right here on this website, with dozens of options to configure your game, or you can embed the football pool on your website with creative control over your player experience.

We offer many different methods to custom brand your football pool to your company products or services. Whether you use content management systems like wordpress to run your company website, or have a hosting account with any of the internet providers, we have the interface that will make your pool run from your website, and brand it to your theme.

We can custom build your page for you and match your look and feel. Send us your website address, and we will clone it into a football pool solution.

Setup your Football Pool Now

StandardWebsites / CMS
  • instant pool interface
  • no website required
  • weekly picksheets
  • playoffs
  • survivor
  • automatic updates
  • management interface
  • run your pool at your own website
  • no unwanted ads
  • use your own graphics
  • full css control
  • CMS Options
  • Wordpress compatible
  • Joomla Compatible
  • compatible with most cms systems. css control can be achieved with a stylesheet saved on our server
  • CMS Example

  • Webhosting
    If you require your own .com domain, web hosting, and the football pool, we can provide all aspects of hosting your website. Including Hosting, FTP access, email addresses, and your football pool setup for you.

    Managing your Football Pool
    NFL Football Software, Football Pool contests, and software for websites is our specialty here at If you have been running an office football pool for any length of time, you know how much work it can be to gather picks, score them, and distribute results. We will run your football pool online right here, on your own website, or we can set you up your own website complete with domain name and email like "". You can customize the look, feel, and graphics the way you want.

    Manager Console
    The controls for your pool are overlaid right on top of your pool when you need them for easy management while you view your players, and page. We are continually adding features and abilities to the manager console, so you will probably see new buttons and forms there all the time. From here you control how your website interacts with ours, how many points a win is worth, survivor options, playoff options, the look and feel of your contest. You can also input NFL picks for players who may have missed them.

    Website Portable
    Wether you would like to run your football pool from here, or on your own website, we can help you out. We offer the following solutions:

    Customizable Skins For Your Pool
    We're constantly creating new skins that you can use in your pools right here, but if you would like to have your own custom skin, let us know. We can help you create something that matches your brand perfectly.

    For CMS systems, there are controls present for embedding your football pool menu right into your CMS page. It's likely you may need help with the install, since all seem to be different, but we have experience with wordpress, godaddy, simple, hubspot, joomla, squarespace, and more.
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    Survivor/Loser Pools 2013-06-23
    We offer you a wide variety of Survivor style pools. They include the Loser style pools as well because the premise is still pretty much the same. We`ve added a few options over the years though, so you may even be able to spice up your Survivor / Loser pool with some twists.
    Survivor Round 2? 2012-09-18
    If your survivor pool has almost wrapped up after only two weeks because of upsets like Arizona over New England, or Green Bay losing in week 1, have no fear. You can start up another Survivor contest, and even leave the current one going until it completes.

    read more here
    NFL Magic Number Pools 2012-09-11
    Want to try a new pool idea that is a lot of fun, won`t take much work filling out picksheets, and could generate a lot of excitement for your pool?

    Check out our new NFL Magic Number pools. more info here
    Marketing Your Pool 2012-09-02
    If you would like to market your pool to a new level, there are many things you can do. Getting it on your own website is sometimes only half the battle. more...
    NFL Confidence 2012-08-16
    NFL Confidence pools can now be run along side your regular pool as either an extra game, or make it your showcase game.
    Survivor and Loser 2012-06-25
    NFL Survivor and Loser are getting new homes this season. more...
    2012 Pricing Changes 2012-05-27
    Big Changes have been made to simplify pool billing. The biggest changes you will notice are the wipeout of your annual base account fee, including the remote hosting fee for pools being run on external websites!. A full pricing table is available if you click on the main menu item "PRICING"
    CFL Season Set 2012-05-27
    The CFL Football season is setup and ready to go. We have cleared out picks from last season, so your players can begin with preseason (just practice) and then the regular season picks later on.
    NHL Hockey Pools 2011-10-02
    NHL hockey pools are now underway. There are currently three NHL hockey pool games to choose from.
    Weekly Pickem As a manager, select the days of the week you wish to apply to your pickem contest. (typically weekend games) and have your players pick the outcomes.
    Survivor Pick one or two teams (optional) to win each week. Wins keep you alive, losses make you a loser. There are multiple options available for Survivor.
    Box Drafts Select your dream team from a preselected list of NHL stars. Earn points for their goals and assists, and goalie wins and shutouts.

    We can help you with your setup, as there are many options, and we haven`t made the help documents yet for every possibility. If you`re interested in adding NHL hockey to your football page, you can do that by simply adding NHL to your accounts game list.

    For completely new account setups, go to the main page, and click on SETUP and make sure to select the NHL pool option in the setup form.
    NFL Confidence Pools 2011-08-28
    A confidence pool takes your standard pickem, and pushes it to a new level. With confidence style picking, you are given values from 1 to X. X is the number of games in a week. If your pick is correct, you are awarded that many points. It can make for some high point weeks if you can accumulate some wins. This image shows how the picksheet works. First you select your pick, and then click on the confidence box, and select the value you wish to place on that game. If you`re really confident, you place a high value like 16 on that game. more...
    Fantasy Football 2011-08-28
    Fantasy Football Survivor is almost here. This is a game where you control your destiny week after week. Not happy with your line up after your first draft? No problem, draft a new one the following week!

    Depending on the options you or your pool manager set you may need to be very strategic about your picks.
    Managing Your Pool 2011-08-27
    Probably one of the most important functions of your pool is the ability for you to manage it. When you setup a pool with superbrawl, your player id is setup as the manager of the pool in addition to being a player. This gives you the ability to launch your manager console, while you are playing, viewing a trashtalk board, doing your survivor picks, or just showing up to view your pool. To launch the manager console of your pool, login using your player id and password, and you will see this tools icon in the login bar.