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NFL Confidence 2016-03-16
NFL Confidence pools can now be run along side your regular pool as either an extra game, or make it your showcase game.

NFL Confidence pools are a lot of fun because they allow you to make your picks like any other full picksheet NFL pool, however, with a very neat twist. You place your confidence on each game based on how much faith you have that the teams you choose will win. You have 1 each of the values from 1 to 16 (in a 16 game week, less in bye weeks) and you must be strategic about how you place them.

Get a game right where you have placed the 15s and 16s, and watch your points rack up quickly. Use your 1s and 2s for games you are not so confident about.

Notice in the example here, the confidence level is high on the first two games, but on the third game, the player is not so sure, so he put only 1 pt at risk.
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Survivor/Loser Pools 2016-06-23
We offer you a wide variety of Survivor style pools. They include the Loser style pools as well because the premise is still pretty much the same. We`ve added a few options over the years though, so you may even be able to spice up your Survivor / Loser pool with some twists.
NFL Confidence 2016-03-16
NFL Confidence pools can now be run along side your regular pool as either an extra game, or make it your showcase game.
NFL Magic Number Pools 2012-09-11
Want to try a new pool idea that is a lot of fun, won`t take much work filling out picksheets, and could generate a lot of excitement for your pool?

Check out our new NFL Magic Number pools. more info here
Marketing Your Pool 2012-09-02
If you would like to market your pool to a new level, there are many things you can do. Getting it on your own website is sometimes only half the battle. more...
Survivor and Loser 2012-06-25
NFL Survivor and Loser are getting new homes this season. more...
NFL Confidence Pools 2011-08-28
A confidence pool takes your standard pickem, and pushes it to a new level. With confidence style picking, you are given values from 1 to X. X is the number of games in a week. If your pick is correct, you are awarded that many points. It can make for some high point weeks if you can accumulate some wins. This image shows how the picksheet works. First you select your pick, and then click on the confidence box, and select the value you wish to place on that game. If you`re really confident, you place a high value like 16 on that game. more...
Managing Your Pool 2011-08-27
Probably one of the most important functions of your pool is the ability for you to manage it. When you setup a pool with superbrawl, your player id is setup as the manager of the pool in addition to being a player. This gives you the ability to launch your manager console, while you are playing, viewing a trashtalk board, doing your survivor picks, or just showing up to view your pool. To launch the manager console of your pool, login using your player id and password, and you will see this tools icon in the login bar.